Welcome to the Web Portfolio of James Allan Cameron

I am a web developer in the Guelph/KW area who specializes in developing responsive, lightweight websites & apps that utilize cutting-edge CSS, highly semantic HTML, and look great on any device or browser. My particular interest is in Angular Apps (8+) using a combination of server side rendering, lazy-loading and Angular Material.

If you are looking for a brief summary of the skills I hang my hat on, look no further:

Experience using the Angular(8+) javascript framework as well as the ReactJS library to create responsive Single Page Applications (such as this one made with Angular 8) utilizing server side rendering to enhance SEO performance, lazy-loading and many other techniques for Single Page Applications
Experience using NODE.js and task runners Grunt and Gulp to manage and optimize build processes
High Proficiency in CSS/CSS3 including transforms and animations. I utilize Harry Roberts excellent object-oriented ITCSS methodology
Strong understanding of HTML 5 - I use the full range of available elements in HTML5 to create HTML documents that are rich in semantic meaning. This makes my pages more machine readable, easier to maintain and better for search engines
Practical experience optimizing websites to download to the clients browser as fast as possible using a wide range of tools and pre-processors like LESS & SASS
Extensive experience with cross-browser testing across a huge amount of devices and solving complicated browser issues
Expert at creating responsive sites using a combination of media queries, fluid typography, flexible grids and fluid media
Version control experience with GIT and Github amongst others
Impressive experience using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (among other tools) to track and analyze website data to help clients maximize website revenue or just gain insight into how users interact with their site
Experienced using the D3 javascript library to create impressive graphical representations of data
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